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Cat Aggression and Cat Calming training guide: how to calm an aggressive cat

Cats like every other pet sometimes become aggressive. They also exhibit threatening behaviour that calls for concern by their owners. It is, therefore, necessary to know how to calm cats aggression towards you or visitors. This cat calming training will give you the guidance needed to be able to calm an aggressive cat, alongside other in-depth cat training that will help you live happily with your cat.

Bringing a cat in your home is a great pleasure because they are a very fluffy and cuddly creature that your children will like a lot. With all the happiness that cat brings it also brings some responsibility as well. You need to be very careful while adopting a cat because a cat is a very wild animal and at the same time it is also a very delicate animal.

You need to provide your cat with a very secure and sensitive environment for proper and healthy growth. They have a very sensitive digestive system which needs a specific diet and they also have some very crucial behavioural problems.

These problems can be solved only with some proper and professional training to curb your cat. I have seen people who bring cat home but they do not take much care of their cat and that makes that cat very wild and unpleasant for a home environment.

Without proper attention and guidance, a cat can ruin the whole interior of your house as well as it will give you some very annoying situations to deal with.
In this guide, I will try to cover all the important aspects that are necessary for curbing your cat. I have gathered this information from different very patent sources and have tried my best to add certified and patent information. You will find this article very amusing as well as very helpful as you will learn lots of interesting facts about cats in this article.

There are different things like behaviour problems, types of cats, problems with cats, health problems of cat and other similar things and in this training, I will try to cover all of these aspects carefully and will try to give you solution of almost every cat-related problem.

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Different Cat Breeds and Your Cat Selection

There are different types of cat breeds available and you can choose from a wide variety. This section will give you an intro of all cat breeds and their features.

  1. Abyssinian Cats
  2. The American Shorthair Cat
  3. The Bengal Cat
  4. The Persian Cat
  5. The Russian Blue Cat
  6. Siamese Cats
  7. The Himalayan Cat
  8. The British Blue Cat

The Breeds

Do you want more information on cat breeds? We have a complete article here on cat breeds and how to chose a cat.

Domestic cats come with different personalities and you have to choose one which suits your atmosphere and your personal needs. There are different breeds and in those breeds, some are more demanding mentally, some are more demanding physically wholesome can be more challenging to train and if you have a silent atmosphere in your house then, you must know that they meow differently too as some breeds are more chirpy while some are silent.

The choice of breed determines what kind of relationship you will have with your kitty. In this discussion, I will tell you about some known breeds of cats and will also guide for their brief behavioural introduction. Every breed has certain characteristics but there are certain exceptions with almost every cat.

Abyssinian Cats

These cats are very active and very curious. They are also clever. They always try to watch humans and then copy things that they do. This can be with your doors and cupboards and if you have these cats in your house then make your cupboards and doors safe from these cats. They have lots of energy and can run very fast. This energy is needed to be consumed and you need to engage them in lots of physical and mental activity to avoid their destructive behaviour. This feature of these cats makes them suitable only for those families that can give them proper time and they have prior experience of grooming cats.

The American Shorthair Cat

These cats are little on silent sides and are also very shy to humans in the start. Once they get used to the conditions then, they can be very friendly with children. They play and give lots of good time for kids. They need brushing just twice a week and they are also very healthy with a strong immune system and can live for more than 20 years.

These cats are best suited if you are a first-time cat owner because these are very easy going cats with a very cool temperament and will give you no problem in training and looking after. They are found in more than 80 different colour patterns and can grow quite big. Males can become more than 15 pounds while females can become more than 12 pounds in a full-grown state.

The Bengal Cat

These cats are very active, energetic and agile with lots of strength. They can learn certain tricks very easily like a handshake, door opening, window closing and other similar tricks. You also have to give them lots of care and attention and these are also not for rookies and only those families that have prior knowledge of curbing a cat can afford to have them.

They want to have some activity going all the time and live happily in families where you have some kids who keep playing in your lawn. They love to play with them too. These are very impressive and beautiful in their looks with their wild markings on their skin.

The Persian Cat

Persian cats are very easy going and they need some affection and love to be played with. These cats will not be very demanding all the times but whenever they will see you free, they will sit in your lap and will want some of your attention. Some of these cats will develop some extra attraction with one particular family member but most of the times they stay in touch with everyone.

They are also very cooperative with other pets in the house and especially they love to play with children. They can adopt changes like the addition of pets, the addition of new family members quite well. These cats just need some medical care throughout their lifetime because they suffer from watery eyes and breathing problems.

The Russian Blue Cat

These cats are very clever, active and affectionate and most importantly independent in a sense that they will always keep looking for something to eat at their own whether you provide them regular food or not but their instinct of hunting never dies. These are active cats and they are not very easy to handle in a changing environment. They will always react negatively to addition in family members of some new pet in the house.

Siamese Cats

These cats are very intelligent, energetic and active kind of cats. They want lots of attention from their owner and like to go on a walk with a leash. They are also very affectionate and most of the times they try to sleep with their owner. They are extremely noisy and can produce different types of voices frequently. These cats are not suited for everyone as they need lots of attention and care from their owner and especially if you are the one who likes to have a quiet and silent cat then, this is definitely not one of your types.

The Himalayan Cat

These cats are very easy going, easy to train, affectionate and very humble in their attitude. They are also very mildly active and you cannot say that they are proactive and are also very silent in their nature. Their fur is very delicate and is needed to be combed almost every day. You can also give them a regular bath to keep their fur in the same glowing and attractive form. You also need to give them a regular medical checkup because they can suffer from watery eyes and some breathing eyes.

The British Blue Cat

These cats are also very affectionate and like to sit in their lap but they can be scary to strangers and do not adopt changes in an environment very effectively. They can live even in very small homes and that too very easily and without any problem. They are the most beautiful cats with lots of colour combinations available with their blue eyes.

Understanding Cat’s Behavior

In this section, I will guide you for a proper understanding of a cat’s behaviour.

  • Understanding cats behaviour
  • Nature or nurture
  • Reflex actions
  • Speaking feline
  • Cat’s speech
  • Aggression and play
  • Playtime is a must
  • Differentiate between play and aggression

Cats Actions

Cat behaviour problems can be very annoying and frustrating at times but you can correct them by properly understanding them in the first place. To understand the actual behaviour of your cat you need to analyze the environment from where the cat is coming from.

In this section, I will guide you for very precise steps that you need to take and after having all of this information, you will be able to read your cat’s body language properly and you will know form the signs that what she needs and when she needs.

Understanding Cat’s Behavior

Cats communicate in lots of innovative and very attractive ways and sometimes we humans are not sensitive enough to understand their methods of communication. Their signs and body language has very minor flicks that you have to understand properly. This delicate body language often confuses humans and they make certain mistakes about cat behaviour understanding. The first step in understanding the cat’s behaviour is to know the exact frequency of their voice and also you need to know certain notions which their body language depicts.

Nature or Nurture

When you study animal behaviour then, you will come across two categories of behaviours which are nature and nurture. Nature means the behaviours which are learned naturally and are always included in animal instincts while nurture means the behaviours and methods which they learn from us.

Reflex actions

Reflex actions are also preinstalled in animals and you cannot train them to change their reflex actions. In fact, reflex actions are preinstalled even in human beings for example when a doctor taps your knee with a rubber hammer and you kick your knee up as a response then, this is an example of reflex action which you can never change. Similarly, there are reflex actions in animals for example whenever a dog sees a stranger he will bark at least once.

Speaking Feline

There is no specific language of cats which you can understand but they do communicate through their voice and give certain responses in their voice. Speaking feline not only means that you need to understand the communication of cat but it also tends to teach you even more complex form of communication like the body language of cats.

Cat’s Speech

There are so many voices that cats can make and they communicate their different expressions and gestures in these voices. Often it seems like cats are making one simple voice but if you observe it closely then, you will know that there is a different tone in different situations.

When a cat is hungry then, the tone will be a little low and if she is in playing mode then she will create a more happy and appealing voice. These are some aspects that you need to learn in order to understand the cat’s behaviour properly.

Aggression and Play

It is often seen that when a cat becomes little extra aggressive and starts to do some unpleasant things at home then a good professional will advise you to get another cat. This is sometimes a bit of shocking advice for a common person because he will think that another cat will bring more destruction and more chaos in the house.

This is not the case because most of the times the cause of aggression is less attention. When you bring another cat in the house then the attention of your aggressive cat is diverted towards that cat and she will think less about those unpleasant activities. Take it as a company because when a cat become bored then, she becomes aggressive and destructive while another cat will give her company and they will enjoy that company.

Play Time Is Must

Playing is an instinctive behaviour of almost all domestic animals except few. Especially when you talk about pets like cats and dogs then, you can never separate them from their play. They always need a certain level of play and you have to give them your attention to that play time. A play is also necessary for proper health of these pets because if you do not give them an intense and regular physical activity then, they will become dull and that can lead to different health problems which are related to excessive weight and other similar things.

Differentiate between play and aggression

People often become confused about the fact that when it is aggression and when it is play time because both of these behaviours have almost similar kind of instincts. There will too much noise, telling, biting and flying fur in playing but if you observe closely then, you will see that scratching it with nails inside the fur, biting is with soft jaws and most importantly you will see that aggressor keeps changing.

If one cat is aggressive for 5 minutes then, the other cat will be dominating and aggressive in next 5 minutes. These are the hallmarks for play time and you should be able to identify that pretty clearly.

Solving Different Behavior Problems of Cat

After learning about the behaviour of cats in the above section, now I will tell you those different methods that can help you to identify and cure cat’s behavioural problems.

  • The problem of biting and scratching
  • Look for warning signals of aggression
  • Unprovoked aggression
  • Cats that can tear things apart
  • Take temptation out of these activities
  • When to call the vet

In the above section, I told you some ways and methods that will help you in understanding the behaviour of the cat but there could be some problems with cat’s behaviours that you will need to address. These problems can be very minor as well as they can be very destructive. In both of the cases, you need to find a proper solution. In the following discussion, I will describe different problems and they will guide you for their solution.

The problem of Biting and Scratching

You can experience this problem very frequently with your cat. It may happen that you are sitting in your TV lounge and watching the news when suddenly your cat comes in and snatches at your feet and runs away. This could be jealousy or it could be a way of getting your attention but it may be neither of these.

A cat can bite or scratch due to pain, hunger or any other similar reason but if these are not the reasons then, this is a behavioural problem that needs to be addressed. This can be due to miscommunication between the owner and the cat. Sudden bite or scratch can also be due to nervous system disorder or some other serious disease.

There are some very simple precautions that you can follow to minimize this bad habit of your kitten. Never allow your cat to play with your bare foot or hand. This often invokes an aggressive intent in cat and she tried to do some damage so that you can feel her presence around your hand or feet. It may look very cute when a small kitten bites at your toes or arm but you will be in a different situation when she repeats that in adulthood.

As I mentioned above in another section of this article that biting, snatching and similar other gestures are a normal part of cat’s play and you need to tell your cat that you are not one of her own society and she needs to behave differently with you. If you keep acting as the other cat does while playing then, you should also expect to be bitten, snatched and other similar things. If you have made your cat’s habit of biting and snatching you while playing then, you need to break that routine and add some more thrill.

Hold a water bottle in your hand and whenever your cat tried to bite you or snatch you then, spray some water upon your cat and you always know that cats hate water. Do not try to be aggressive with water but just give her a feeling that whenever she will bite or snatch then, it will be accompanied with an unpleasant of getting wet.

Look For Warning Signals of Aggression

Cats can be aggressive at different things and you need to realize that aggression from their body language and vocal tone. If she is aggressive then, you do not need to tell her who is the boss around here instead take a corner and back off from the situation because if you intended to respond in a bad manner then, she will also fight back that will make it a bad habit of biting and snatching.

You also need to know that whenever one cat is provoked against another cat and is giving her some warning signals then, you do not need to lift them and get them apart instead let them do their work and do not interfere. If you interfere at that time then, they will, most probably, attack you.

Unprovoked Aggression

Besides all of the above situations, your cat can also go through some unprovoked and unwanted aggression. This is not some simple biting or scratching on your foot instead, it will be a serious matter that should be properly addressed. This can be due to some nervous system failure or some other disease and in this case, you need to see a doctor immediately. Never ignore such unprovoked aggression and treat it as soon as possible and especially if you have kids at home and you have seen your cat aggressive without a reason then, see a vet straight away.

Cats That Can Tear Things A Part

Cats are a wild animal and most of them have a restless nature. No matter how much you train them but their animal and wild instincts will never go away. When a cat smashes paperweight on the ground then, she is probably taking that paperweight as a mouse and even if she knows that it is not a mouse but she does that then she is just starving for your attention that she can get only by doing these kinds of unpleasant things.

You need to give proper play time to your cat and even if you are busy then, ask your children to play with her and take her to a small walk in a nearby park or something like that. This alternate activity will make your cat think that she has something else to do and she will serve her energy in that purpose instead of breaking things at home.

Take Temptation Out Of These Activities

Sometimes the environment of the house is so tempting for the cat that she tried to do certain things for example if you have low shelves and shallow tables in your house then, a cat will take it as a challenge to climb these small objects. This should be avoided in every manner and if you have an adult cat in your house then, make sure that all of your tables, and shelves are on a decent height which can be little unreachable for your heavy cat. These are some of the things that you can do to avoid the destructive nature of cats.

When to Call The Vet

The above mentioned things can be a little exciting at times and can happen a few times in a month but if your cat is repeating these activities frequently and you are meeting with an accident almost every week then, you need to call the vet and examine your cat because more frequent incidents like the above can be dangerous and they can need medical attention because there can be some nervous system failure or some other disease which disturbs your cat and forces her to react aggressively.

Basics Cat Training Techniques

In this section, I will tell you some basic steps for training your cat.

  • Changing the basic living ways of the cat
  • Add some manners in your cat’s life
  • Avoiding bad habits
  • Shape your cat’s behaviour


Cats are said to be an independent pet and rightly so because if you ask any cat owner then, he will tell you that cats are very easy to handle pets and they are not demanding at all. They become part of your house very quietly and have no very specific needs in terms of food and other similar activities. Cats are a lot easier to handle than dogs.

Cats will also not chase you to get your attention like dogs instead they will rather stay at their place silently and will wait for you to go to them and give them a big hug. These features show that cats are very composed, easy going and polite creatures which are very easy to handle.

When it comes to training your cat then, things start to get little tough because cats do not pose many behavioural problems and even if they pose then, they can be solved easily as I told you in previous chapters but once you start training your cat then, it will take some time and hard work from you to make the cat do thing that you want him or her to do. In the following discussion, I will tell you some basic steps that you should take to train your cat.

Changing the Basic Living Ways Of Cat

This is a million dollar question that “can a cat be trained?” the answer can be little confusing but can be understood with some deep attention that cats can be trained but only on feline terms. You cannot make the cat do some things on your own terms instead you have to see the world from a cat’s perspective if you are really into training your cat.

As I mentioned in the earlier section that understanding the behaviour of cat is very important and unlike dogs, they have very less intelligence but you can still teach them certain things.

Add Some Manners in Your Cat’s Life

You can teach your cat to jump through holes and obey your orders but it is better than you emphasize on more basic things that are called as manners. Cats are wilder than dogs and it is necessary to teach them manners. They cannot learn by just watching you instead you have to come to their level to tell them how they have to live in your house. Manners are not something that your cat will start a handshake with your guest but from manners, I mean that she should behave normal cat activities and should perform only those things which are acceptable in the home and are not creating any fuss.

Avoiding Bad Habits

Some owners really do not care about certain bad habits of their cats for example it can look really cute when your small kitten bites at your bare foot or wrist but it will be a different scene when a full grown cat bites you with his predator’s teeth but you do not need to get shocked at that time because the cat is doing what she was taught in early days. You need to observe the habits of your cat closely and tell him or her to avoid certain habits which are not appropriate for your home’s order and discipline.

Never encourage the behaviour that you do not want to see in your cat in future. This is a normal rule that applies some common sense in your relationship and avoids your cat to do things that can make a fuss in your home.

Shape Your Cat’s Behavior

The simplest way of making your cat a mannered and habitual pet is through shaping his behaviour for example scratching is normal behaviour of cats and they will scratch no matter what you do but if you can associate some unpleasant activity with scratching then, your cat will think before scratching.

You can try to use a spray of water whenever your cat tries to scratch or bite any pillow, wallpaper or carpet or any other similar thing. If you can do that effectively for some period of time then, your cat will know that whenever this scratching or biting is executed then, it will be accompanied with a very unpleasant event of getting wet and it will be just a matter of time when your cat ignores all kinds of scratching and biting.

Home Remedies for Cats

In this section, I will tell you some simple home remedies that you can apply to your mildly sick cat for some instant relief.

  • Remedies for cat cough
  • Remedies for cat dandruff
  • Remedies for cats with hair loss problems

Home Care

Cats are very sensitive pets and most of the domestic cats can get sick very easily. Some common problems can be cough, flue, watery eyes and some minor breathing problems but you do not need to panic during these problems as there are so many remedies that you can apply easily and all of these remedies can be made in home easily. In this discussion, I am going to tell you some basic remedies for cats.

Remedies for Cat Cough

Cats cough almost the same as we do and it is a reflex action whenever something irritates in back of the throat or in the way of lungs then coughing will occur. Cough can also be healthy for keeping the lungs passage safe from all exterior objects and infections but if it gets too severe as it normally gets then you need to find some solution. Hairballs are a common reason for cough in cats and most of the times you can treat them with an anti-hairball medication. You can easily judge the type of cough and if it is caused by a hairball then, he will eventually expel a tube-like all out of his throat.

Remedies for Cat Dandruff

Cat has hair all over his body and that is the reason it is very easy to spot dandruff as well as it is also very easy for the cat to get dandruff in those long and thick hairs. If you have a cat with dandruff problem then, you should know that he will never be worried about that dandruff and will not be shy about someone seeing his dandruff but you have to take note of that dandruff and find its reason.

Sometimes it can be caused by parasite infections like ringworms’ or any other or it can be caused just by sunburn or the reason can be as simple as the absence of moisture and dry air inside your house. In that case, giving your cat a moisturizing bath and increasing the humidity of your house will decrease the dandruff of the cat.

Remedies for Cats With Hair Loss Problems

This is another very common problem found in cats that can cause your cat to look very odd at times. Hair loss is a very common disease and in some cases very fatal too. It can bring lots of other infections and allergies with it too and you need to be very careful and spot the hair loss as early as possible. There are lots of factors that can contribute to hair loss for cats and these factors can include things like parasites, diet, psychological factors, infection, allergies or something more serious.

If your cat is scratching too much then, you need to be careful and a thorough look over will be wise. This look over will tell you about the real problem cause and you can tell your vet about that source and get some appropriate solution.

Selection of Cat Foods

In this last section of this guide, I will tell you some food choices that you can avail for a healthier and more stable and active cat.

  • Canned food or kibble
  • Do not look for cheaper brands
  • What to avoid for cat food


Cat food is very important and in fact, it is the most important thing after veterinary care of your cat. If you have your cat on a proper and balanced diet then, it will also make sure that the veterinary expenses are also less and you can delay those veterinary checkups because you will see your cat healthy and active before your eyes. There are different choices available for your cats and these choices can contain canned foods, natural food, dry food and similar other categories and in the following discussion, I will go deeper into this topic.

Canned Food or Kibble

Research has shown that if you stick with just one type of food then, it is not very healthy for the food needs of your cat because it needs a variety of food to nourish. You need to add both dry and canned food in your cat’s diet. Dry food is very convenient and you can stock some for the emergency timings while canned food contains water in it and cats drink too less water and canned food can help them to overcome that deficiency of water.

Cats can also develop certain allergies form different food types. It happens very rarely but you need to be careful as these allergies can be dangerous at times. To avoid food addictions, you need to change the brands and food flavours because food addiction is also bad and it can make the cat lazy and dependent only upon one flavour or food type.

Do Not Look For Cheaper Brands

If you happen to have some money with you then, stop looking for the cheaper brands of cat food and discounted offers for cat food because this can be a bad investment in the long run. Most of the times, you will see that cheaper foods come with less expiry and if you buy them in bulk then, it will be wasted. Meanwhile, cheaper brands will also be less in quality and they can make your cat get sick and the expanse that you will spend on getting your cat to vet will get things equal to quality and expensive brand.

What to Avoid For Cat Food

There are certain things and labels that you always should avoid while purchasing cat food. These labels can say “meat and/or bone meal” or “added sugars” and these labels should be always avoided because cats cannot digest most of these things. Avoid all the food items including chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate should also be avoided strictly as they are also not very healthy for cat health.


In this whole guide, you have learnt a step by step plan to train your cat and understand your cat’s behaviour but you should know that animals are always animals and you cannot expect anything from them instead expect only those things that you have told them. They cannot think, they cannot react and that’s why they are called animals. They will not do even an inch extra than they are told. If you will tell them good things then, they will adopt good behaviour and will be loyal but if you do not guide them to eliminate those animal instincts and give them their freedom then, they will make your home a wild place to live in.

You need to follow this whole guide from start to end and I am 100 per cent sure that you will learn almost everything related to your cat and this information will make your cat training very easy and simple. In initial chapter, I have tried to tell you all the different breeds and detailed information about cat’s behaviour which will help you in identifying they best cat breed as well as you will be able to understand your pet very easily and more effectively.

You also have learned that how can you fix different behavioural problems of cats and this behavioural fix is also very important because it ensures that your cat will not create any fuss in your house and will live according to rules that you have laid down.

In the end, you learned that you also need to take care of your cat’s health. In some minor cases, you can work with some normal remedies but if you see any severances then, you need to contact a vet immediately. I hope that all the above information will be helpful and you will be able to groom your cat in a more appropriate and effective way.

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