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Dog Owners Delight: How To Make Your Dog Obey Your Every Command With The Most Powerful Training ToolsBringing a cute puppy into your home is a great joy which only a person who does that can experience. These dogs provide you with a very sincere relationship which you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

There can be two situations after bringing in a dog and one of them is that your kids and family may get hours of entertainment, pure love and lots of fun with that dog. The other situation is a little embarrassing because your dog can also bring destruction, chaos and discipline problems in your house.

To ensure that you always have the first situation with your dog, you need to train your dog accordingly and make sure that he has the proper manners to live with humans. Breeding plays an important role but another very important factor is training which your dog gets. Training can make even an ill-mannered dog mannered and similarly, bad training can always invoke the internal animal instincts of your dog.

An adult dog’s personality is based on the things which he or she learns in his early puppy days. This means that it is very important for you to take special care of your dog when he is a puppy. In this EBook, you will learn everything which can help you in training your dog and making him a good and in fact best friend of yours.

Age of the dog also matters because if you receive a dog in his very early days then, he will have more scope of learning while if you receive a dog which is quite older and has already learned some basic skills then, you need to make sure that he enhances those good skills and if he has any bad manners then, he should get rid of them as soon as possible.

There are some basic training techniques which your dog has to always learn and this exclusive guide will tell you all about those dog training techniques and will also guide you for making an ill-mannered dog a very well-mannered and friendly. Even if you think that your dog already has got basic training then, this EBook will help you in enhancing those skills and moving onto more advanced skills.

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Benefits and Advantages of Dog Training

In this section, I will tell you all the advantages and incentives which you can have with a trained dog.

  • Training is essential for building a relationship
  • Training can make the behaviour better
  • Training can make him intelligent
  • Training gives a sense of acceptance to dog
  • Proper training can save your time

Modern day life is very busy and people do not find time for even themselves. In this busy routine, it becomes very difficult to find time for your dog but for a proper and concrete relationship with your dog, you must spend some good amount of time and this time will not be wasted because it will serve you for many future years when your dog will stay loyal to you and will be a very good friend of yours.

There are some special incentives associated with dog training. Some people think that dogs can be tamed even without training and that is true but that will keep your dog just an ordinary dog. With proper training, it can learn and be your friend as well.

Training is Essential for Building Relationship

Some people think that training is to teach the dog some skills and tricks but this is not the actual purpose and benefit of training instead training is a very good and effective method to build a very understanding and effective relationship with your dog. When you bring your dog at home, training starts from the very first day. Your dog watches your actions and he notices your reactions to his gestures. He depends upon you for health, food, warmth and other essentials.

To make training effective and easier, you need to develop trust and that too mutual trust. Your dog should trust you and you should trust your dog for certain things. This trust also ensures that there is a certain level of confidence in your and your dog’s relationship. This confidence should be such that when you say “come” then, you should be sure that your dog will come to you and your dog should also know that if I go then, I will be rewarded.

A relationship which is made on this trust and confidence is then needed to be nourished and looked after. You need to know that dog is an animal after all and you need to constantly remind him of all the tricks and skills. Some people teach a certain skill for a week and then stop but this is not the right idea as your dog will forget it. You should make it your daily habit to teach something to your dog no matter how old that trick is but you need to keep reminding him.

Training Can Make the Behavior Better

No matter what their breed is but these dogs will always have some behavioural problems and you will need to correct those problems effectively with training. Your dog can have the habit of barking at everyone who passes by, digging your lawn, chewing your favourite pillow and many others but these are natural animal habits and you need to make sure that your dog gets rid of them as soon as possible. There is no other solution to altering these habits but to train them.

When you create a mutual trust and confidence bond then, your dog will try to know that which of his actions are acceptable and which are not. With proper and effective training, you can make sure that your dog has no behavioural problem and even if he has any then, you rectify those problems with training.

Training Can Make Him Intelligent

Dogs are very curious creature and when you expose those to new smells, new tastes and similar other things then, they will always explore. This nature of exploration can be turned into a very effective and useful skill but for that, you need to stimulate the dog’s intelligence. They are intelligent from inside but you just need to invoke that intelligence and make them realize that they can do a lot more with those skills.

You just need to think it from a dog’s perspective that when he spends time with you in training then, he learns new things explores lots of new stuff and is also rewarded with different treats. Now, why would he not pay attention to the training session? So you just need to initiate a training program to spend time with your dog.

Training Gives a Sense Of Acceptance To Dog

There is this nature of dogs that they try and build their packs and live accordingly. They try to find that atmosphere in the house too. You need to know that in your house, you may be a master trainer but everyone else should also participate in that training and should pay some attention to the dog. This constant attention from the whole family gives the dog a sense of acceptance and he starts to take this family as his pack.

Consistency is the key and if all of your family members are taking part in dog’s training then, they must ensure that they all use same methods because if all of them tried different methods then, this will create confusion in dog’s mind and he will suffer from frustration which can lead to some negative results.

Proper Training Can Save Your Time

Another huge benefit of your dog training is that it can save you lots of your time in future. It is just like an investment which can give you benefits in future. If you can train your dog effectively and control his bad habits then, you will be saved from cleaning up all of his mess which he can create in future.

Some people say that they cannot find that much time every day for their dog’s training but you should know that you do not need many hours every day for your dog training instead you merely need one or half an hour of your daily time for this training.

In fact, if you cannot find consecutive one or half hour then, you can break this training in smaller sessions like 4 sessions of 10-15 minutes. This strategy is more effective as well as more convenient for almost everyone who has shortage of time.
With all of the above benefits, you must initiate a proper dog training program as soon as possible and make sure that you are building a responsible and friendly relationship with your dog which will last for many coming years.

Dog Psychology: Understanding The Psychology Of Dogs

To train your dog, you must know the exact facts about his psychology and in this section, I will tell you all the important facts about a dog’s psychology.

  • A wolf descendent
  • Wolf instincts in dogs
  • Establish an alpha role
  • Do not bring in jealousy in dog’s mind
  • Dog’s memory

There are moments when you will think that “OH! MY DOG HAS HIS OWN FRAME OF MIND.” This is obvious and this reaction of your is also understandable and true because almost every dog has his own mind. They can behave very funny at times and they can behave in a very dangerous way sometimes. You need to make their reactions moderate and make sure that they do not overdo those strange acts. To do that effectively, you need to learn all the actions of your dog closely and pay very close attention to his actions, reactions and also get to know which actions trigger which reactions.

A Wolf Descendent

To know the exact psychology and behaviour of your dogs, you must know that dogs are descendants of wolves but they have just learned to live with humans. If you observe them closely, then, you will know that they still have those wolves attitude and their traditions alive in them somewhere. Wolves live in packs in the wild and they have a very strong concept of dictatorship in both males and females in which they make one wolf, leader of their pack. All the other wolves of the pack listen and obey that alpha leader which is normally the biggest male wolf in the pack.

Wolf Instincts in Dogs

When you bring your dog home then, he sees the family as a pack and tries to observe the whole family system to determine that who the alpha leader of the pack is and he also determines his role in the pack.

He will notice all the behaviours of family members and will note the size of all members. He will also note the voice tone of every member for example when mother speaks in a high tone to his young son then, the dog will get an instant impression that mother is high in this pack and she has certain authority over other members. It will not take much time for your dog to figure out the leader of the pack and once he identifies him then, he will treat him with extra respect and as a master mostly.

Establish an Alpha Role

You need to make sure that you establish an alpha role as soon as possible in the mind of your dog because in most of the cases, if the dog does not comes up with a conclusion and when he cannot understand the hierarchal system then, he will create his own system and will put him in charge. This is the scenario where dogs face most of the behavioural problems and their attitude becomes very destructive and unacceptable.

You should make him believe that there is a perfect system in place where you or someone else is alphas leader but also try to make sure that your dog is not coming at the end of that system as it will create doubts in dog’s mind and he will try to come up in the system.

With proper training, you can make your dog believe that he has a much-slid position in the family and he needs to understand that position and act accordingly. Some families ignore their dog too much and treat them even after kids which give the dog an impression that kids are higher than them in this system. This can make them aggressive towards children.

Do Not Bring in Jealousy in your Dog’s Mind

Another very common psychological problem with dogs can be jealousy. When a new baby is born or you introduce a new pet in the house then, your dog will obviously go through some jealousy and this jealousy can either lead to an aggressive attitude or it can make your dog silent and quiet.

This happens because the dog has a thought that he understood the whole pack and this new addition disturbed that whole understanding. He starts to think that what the place of the new addition is and how will he treated with that new addition. It can sometimes make him aggressive to that new pet or baby.

Proper and healthy training of your dog is the only way out of this situation and if you keep providing him with some kind of time and training then, it will not create any doubts in his mind and he will know that his status in the pack is not disturbed with that addition and he will have no insecurity or jealousy.

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Dog’s Memory

Dog’s memory is another very important aspect of his psychology. There has been long research on this topic but basically, there are two types of memories which are associated with digs. One is recalled memory and as a result of most researches, it has been known that recalled memory of dogs is quite short and it is not more than 2-3 hours. The second type of memory is the ability to associate and this memory part of dogs is quite substantial and long-lasting.

Basic Dog Training Methods

In this section, I will tell you some concrete methods which will help you in training your dog and making its behaviour better towards you and your family.

  • Management of dog’s behaviour
  • Make him understand the structure of your family system
  • Make your dog kids friendly

If you have adopted a puppy and have brought him home then, it is your responsibility to teach him certain things which can socialize him. He should know the tactics to live accordingly with your family and should not create any mess. There are different methods to do that and one of them is to hire some professional dog trainer but that is for people who have too much money to spend on their dog. You can also do this at your own very easily because there is no rocket science involved in this training and you can do it effectively.

Management of Dog’s Behavior

First of all, you need to groom your dog behaviour wise and tell him some basic things and adjustments which he has to make in his behaviour. You need to keep an eye on your dog all the time in initial days and if you are leaving your new dog at home then, you can use a crate to keep him away from mess. The crate should be made big enough so that dog can move around in that crate and also try not to use that crate overtime.

When you are at home, bring your dog in your room and keep an eye on him. Some people have this idea of unleashing their dog at home but this is done when you have properly trained your dog’s behaviour and you see no more glitches which you need to fix. In starting days, you should always keep your dog on leash. Some dogs have this habit of chewing the leash and for such dogs, you can use a chain leash.

Exercise for Your Dog

There are two ways to do exercise for your dog and these are mental and physical. In order to improve your dog’s animal instincts and make him friendlier, you need to cope with both of his mental and physical exercises. Physical exercises are necessary to keep him healthy and in good shape while mental exercises are also important because these will help him to understand you and your commands more properly and he will be able to mix with your family atmosphere more effectively. You need to make sure that your dog gets aerobic exercises as these aerobics allow your dog to increase the blood rate and burn off pent up energy.

You also need to know that dogs have a very curious nature and you need to make sure that your dog explores everything around and he should use his sense of smell to investigate his surroundings. A stuffed Kong or toy is the best way to provide entertainment to your dog as well as you and your family. These toys are readily available at almost all pet stores and they are great fun to have.

If you do not provide your dog with entertainment and physical activities then, he will become over aggressive and will start to show some bad behaviour at times. You should keep learning different training skills from the internet and apply them o your dog to teach him some good and energetic tricks and skills. This will allow you to spend time with him and he will also enjoy all of this.

Make Him Understand the Structure Of Your Family System

Dogs are social animals and they are also packed animals. They have this habit of living in packs where they have a specific leader of their pack. When you bring in home, then, you also need to make sure that you are providing him with a good understanding of your family system in which there should be one head of your family. You can also make yourself as the master or leader of your dog by controlling his activities. Food, sleep, playing and exercise are the 4 basic activities of your dog and if you can control these then, your dog will accept you as your leader.

Make Your Dog Kids Friendly

Kids are an important part of every family and most of the times they are the ones who like dogs most. You need to make sure that your dog is kids friendly because in many cases it is seen that dogs get jealous of the kids because they do not want their master to pay attention to someone else. This behaviour should be corrected. You should encourage your dog’s good behaviour like sitting and you should also discourage bad behaviour like barking or jumping. Kids like to hug their dogs and you should train your dog to like hugs.

Advanced Training of Your Dog

In this section, I will tell you some advanced training methods for your dog.

  • Positive reinforcement dog training
  • Clicker training
  • Dog whispering
  • Lead and collar training
  • Whistle training
  • Some basic training principals

Whether you have a new puppy at home or you have an adult dog who needs to learn some more advanced habits r you want him to forget some rather undesirable habits but for all of this you must know some basic training principals and especially if you want your dog to be proactive and learn some advanced skills then, this information will be really helpful for you.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive training includes all the methods which contain love, fun, care and lots of car rides with your dog. There are some other methods also available which involve some torture like electrical collars, use of sticks to train your dog and other similar methods.

These methods are all full of violence and you should avoid them as much as possible even if someone tells you to apply these methods but you should never adopt these methods. Positive dog training is always more effective than negative training methods because, in this training, your dog will learn more quickly as he starts to trust you and starts to believe in you because he knows that if he will start acting on your commands then, he will be rewarded with different treats.

Clicker Training

Clicker method is also another positive training method which gives very positive results. An interesting fact about this method is that it was initially used for dolphins. In this method, a device is used and you have to click that device every time your dog does something that you approve. This is a very fun and entertaining method of training for both of you.

It is more effective because the sound from that device is faster and in most of the cases quicker than your own voice. Your dog will associate a treat with every click and it effective for puppy training as well as for adult dog training.

Dog Whispering

This is another training method which was initially used for horse training but now it is very familiar with dog training and in this method, you use your dog’s body language and understand his gestures more properly to communicate in a better way with him. This training method requires that you should understand the dog’s body language completely and then act accordingly and in a way that dog should understand it better.

Lead and Collar Training

These collars are specially made for dog training and you control them with a lead. Whenever you pull that lead then, these collars will exert some pressure on dog’s neck. This method is little hurting but is suitable for those dogs which are more aggressive towards training and are not accepting positive methods of training. This method should only be implemented by someone who knows exactly what he is doing and he has the dog’s greater wellbeing in sight.

Whistle Training

Whistle training is relatively a difficult method of training and cannot be used with ordinary dogs. You always need some professional trained to properly implement whistle training because it is used for distance control in hunting and other similar activities.

Some Basic Training Principles

There are some principals in training which you need to always remember. First of all, you need to make sure that you are praising your dog when he does something good and something which you are trying him to do. This appreciation is not like saying very good but this praise should be in form of some treat like a mild food item or a small car ride. Correction is also part of your training and if your dog does something wrong then, you must correct him and make him believe that he has to avoid that certain action in future.

Your voice has a great impact on your dog. Your dog can not understand the words which you are saying but he will get an impression from your voice tone that whether you are praising him, taunting him or you want him to do a certain task. Praising should be done in a normal and polite voice tone while you need to deliver commands in some hard and loud tone.

Consistency is another thing because dogs have a short recalling memory and you need to make sure that you do not stop training your dog at any point. You should make it your habit to train your dog every day. Whether you teach him old tricks but this will help your dog to remember everything that he learns.
Timing is also important in dog training and you need to make sure that the dog is not bored with your training. The best method is to train him in shorter spells like for 10-15 minutes but 2-3 times a day. This will invoke his interest and he will wait for that time.

Health and Nutrition

Your dog has special nutritional needs and in this section, you will come to know all about those needs.

  • Protein and amino acids
  • Fats and fatty acids for dogs
  • Energy needs of your dog
  • Minerals for your dog
  • The weight of your dog


Dogs need some special nutrition to survive and be healthy. There are so many things which you need to include in your dog’s diet. Following are the essential elements which you must include in your dog’s diet.

Protein and Amino Acids

Proteins are necessary for dogs more than they are necessary for humans. There are ten essential amino acids which dietary proteins contain. These amino acids provide some very essential building blocks for lots of biological compounds. These amino acids are more essential for dogs because they cannot create any of these at their own. These amino acids also donate carbon chains which are needed to construct glucose chains. High-quality proteins contain a well balanced amount of these amino acids and you must provide your dog with that protein.

Dogs also have very strong selection criteria for their food and it is said that dogs are known to reject or accept a specific diet which contains their essential elements. This selection can be made through internal biological needs or it can be just due to taste but most of the times this selection is triggered from internal needs.

Fats and Fatty Acids for Dogs

Dietary fats which are mostly derived from animal fat and seed oil provide a very strong source of energy and they also provide some very healthy fats which are used to store insoluble vitamins in the body. Food fat also provides a very important role in cell structure and functionality.

Fat in food is also a guarantee that your dog’s skin and texture will remain healthy and glowing. If your dog’s diet is low in fat then, it will make their hair very dry and dull and their skin will also become very weak and open to different infections. Deficiency in omega-3 essential fatty acids can lead to vision problems and your dog can go through several other very dangerous infections and problems. In order to make it healthy for your dog, you should include some essential fats in his diet.

Energy Needs of Your Dog

Energy needs vary from breed to breed and they also vary according to the dog’s age and his activities. If you have a habit of playing with your dog and taking him to do exercise then, the energy needs will be different. Normally a growing puppy will need twice as body calories per pound of their body weight. You need to start feeding your dog after 4 weeks of their birth because in that age mother’s milk is not sufficient for his energy and

growing needs. If you have an older dog at home then, you must know that due to less physical activity they do not need normal amount of food. Normally they will need 20 per cent fewer calories than normal middle-aged adult dogs.

Minerals for Your Dog

Minerals are essential for strong bones and teeth of your dog. If your dog lacks these minerals in his diet then, it will make him weaker and he will not be that much active. Potassium, magnesium and sodium are necessary for dog diet can either contain too many minerals or they can suffer from a deficiency of minerals but it is truly on the owner that they need to make sure that minerals are sufficient and enough for their dog. Excess of calcium and magnesium can cause skeleton abnormalities in growing puppies.

The weight of Your Dog

There are signs which can tell you the exact weight of your dog and you can know that whether your dog is overweight, underweight or the weight is ideal. If you can see the ribs, vertebrate of your dog and feel no fat on the bones then, you must know that your dog is underweight and you should try to improve his diet. Ideal dog weight is when you can easily feel the ribs of your dog and can see an abdominal curve from above. In this state, you should stick with the regular diet plan. If you are not able to feel the ribs of your dog then, you need to reduce his diet because your dog is overweight.

Conditioning Your Puppy

In this section, I will tell you different tactics to help you in conditioning your dog according to your home’s atmosphere.

  • Conditioning inside the home
  • Cleaning day
  • Conditioning your puppy for visitors and guests
  • Conditioning outside home
  • The leash of your dog
  • Going for a walk

The Small Ones

Besides just providing him with good food, attention, love and other similar things there are some other more specific things which your puppy also wants to adapt to new conditions.

Conditioning Inside The Home

There are so many activities going on throughout the day inside the house. One of you will be getting ready for the office in the morning, one will be playing games and watching TV, one will be preparing meals and staying in kitchen and all of these activities are totally new to your puppy and he will take them as mass confusion unless you can condition him to these activities and make him take these activities as normal activities. There are some other activities which can be totally unfamiliar for your puppy and can make him frightened at times.

Cleaning Day

Cleaning day is an event which can be quiet shocking for your puppy because he would have never seen such activity before. You will take out your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning your bedroom but your puppy will be quite frightened with the noise of vacuum cleaner at first but if you say some kind words to him and keep him close to you during the whole cleaning thing then, he will most probably feel a lot better and will not behave frightened.

You need to look at every activity from his perspective and make sure that you are making him comfortable by doing the activity in the most harmless way. The conditioning also depends upon your puppy’s age and if he is still in early days then, it will take time for him to adjust but if he is grooming rapidly then, it should not take him much time to adapt to these activities.

Conditioning Your Puppy for Visitors And Guests

This is a very common problem which most of the people face with new puppy’s that they do not know how to train them to behave well with visitors and guests whether these visitors are relatives, friends, service providers or anyone else. When someone comes in your house then, he feels excited after seeing a new puppy at home and tries to tap him but your puppy will not take this tapping very pleasantly and will most likely growl or bark at them.

This response can be avoided if you tell your visitors that you have a new puppy and tell them not to approach him at first place instead let the puppy come to those people and make his acquaintance. This is the best way which can avoid all the trouble.

Conditioning Outside Home

You do not only need to condition your puppy inside the house but he also needs some conditioning outside the house because when you take him out then, he is exposed to hundreds of different smells and sounds which are totally new to him and he can respond in any way. Little conditioning and extra care of your puppy will help him to adapt to those conditions very well.

The Leash of Your Dog

You always need a leash for your new puppy to make him believe that he needs to control his exploration. Especially if you do not have fence in your back yard then, you will definitely need to leash your puppy to avoid getting neighbour’s complaints.

Even if you have a fence then still, you will need a leash for your dog and walk with him in the neighbourhood to satisfy his instincts of exploration and to make him familiar with the neighbourhood. Some people may find it a little awkward to walk their puppy on a leash but it will be just a matter of time when he will become free of that leash.

Going For Walk

Going on a walk can also be a little adventure for your new puppy and it can be little embarrassing for you at the start because he will not know how to behave with people whom you meet during a walk and how to treat other dogs which you see during a walk. He may bark unconditionally at people and other dogs but it will be just in some initial days and if you train him properly then, he will learn to behave.


In this guide, you have learned almost all the important facts associated with dogs and dog training. After reading this, you would have known the best and most effective method of dog training. These are not the only training methods instead you should keep looking for a more advanced and easier training method which are being used all across the world.

The basic thing for good and effective training of your dog is to spend time with him and create a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. When you start reading the body language of your dog then, it gets a lot easier for you and your dog to communicate.

There are certain other things which you should take care of and from the above discussion, you will know all those important things. Some people think that training their dogs is a bad idea and they should always be kept with a leash around their neck but this is a really wrong concept because with proper training you can make your dog a very good friend of your and he could be even best friend with your kids and also he will be able to provide you and your family with a sense of protection.

You should also try and make sure that before bringing in a dog, you should be able to create an atmosphere which should be safe for the dog and you should get your family’s trust. If you have even one person at home who does not like your dog then, it can be very frustrating for the dog and it can make him aggressive.

Training is not about just giving extra attention to your dog for a few weeks instead it is a full-time duty which you always have to perform with your dog. No matter how trained you think your dog has become but you still need to keep doing that and keep reminding him that you are there to help him out in every situation. He may forget some things but your constant training and exercises will make him to recall everything and behave accordingly.

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